Minutes of the 1997 Watson Family Reunion

June 28, 1997

Merten J. Klaus Park

Charles City, Iowa

The meeting was called to order by President Houston Watson. John Klaus offered the opening prayer. Because no minutes were available from the previous meeting no minutes were read. President Watson asked if anyone knew the whereabouts of books of minutes. Nobody offered any answers. President Watson asked that if anyone learned of their location to let him know.

The roll call of families was started - because Jack T. Watson was going to attend the Nora Springs High School reunion later that afternoon, the family of Jesse Houston Watson started the roll call.

Jack is a professor at Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan. He and his wife Shirley are in the midst of remodeling a home on 40 acres of land. Jennifer is working in Seattle and Brent has graduated from Michigan U. and is working as a chemical engineer in Berkeley

George still lives in Ojia, Ca. With his wife Debbie and their daughter Erin. George works for the Navy in their environmental area consulting on cleaning up oil spills, etc.

The family of Lillian Adrian Watson Farmer followed.

None of the girls of the Marjory Lucille Farmer Andresen were present at the meeting.

Charles (Bud) Farmer stated that he still lived in Spirit Lake, Iowa

Giles Smith spoke on behalf of the Mavis Adrian Farmer Smith family. Giles has remarried and is living in Maryville, Missouri

Jeannie Sue Smith Vest lives in West Des Moines, Iowa with her husband Dale. They are the proud parents of a new baby boy, Joseph, born June 3, 1997.

Giles Wade Smith is living in Indianola, Iowa raising small herd of cattle and working in Des Moines.

Lewis Houston Farmer is living in Chariton, Iowa.

Marvin Farmer is living in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho with his wife Paulette. Marvin has retired from teaching is selling real estate part time. Paulette is still teaching. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows. Punk says he was able to wear the same tux that he bought in New Foundland that he wore the first time.

The family of Harold Alexander Watson reported next:

Elizabeth Watson Nelson is well and living in Valley City, North Dakota. She reports that all of her children are doing well. Tom is in Boise, Idaho; Terry is in Red Lake Falls, Minnesota; Cheryl is in Osage, Kansas; Barb in Killian, Alabama; Susan in Saratoga, Wyoming; Linda in Casper, Wyoming; Mike in Scoby, Montana; Diane in Owatona, Minnesota; Pam in Hazen, North Dakota; and David in Valley City, North Dakota.

Joyce Elaine Watson Fankhanel is living in Hillsboro, North Dakota with her husband Buster (Earl). They have been retired for 2 years and thoroughly enjoying the life style. They just returned from a 3 week visit with their eldest daughter Lee Ann in England. Buster recommends Brighton.

Lee Ann Fankhanel is living in England and will earn her B. S. Degree at the age of 47!!

Nancy Jo Fankhanel Rice is living in Buxton, North Dakota with her husband Kerry.

Mark Alan Fankhanel is living in Barlett, Illinois with his wife Jamie and their two children Troy and Charnai.

Carol Lorraine Watson Peterson reports that she and her husband Ty are still living in Valley City, North Dakota, are retired and fully enjoying life. She reports that Mom (Neita Schoeppach Watson) turned 96 years old on Tuesday June 25th. She is living in a nursing home and is becoming more fragile as the days wear on.

Alex Lowe Peterson is attending school at Valley City State University working toward a degree in music education. He is working as the pastor, organist, soloist at a small church outside of Valley City.

Lance Oliver Peterson and his brother Lex are living in their Grandmother's old house in Valley City. Lance works and is enjoying life.

Mary Lee Peterson Nielson and sons Matt and Mark were in attendance. Husband Steve was home tending to the farm and son Peter is attending Governors school. They are all still living in Valley City.

Jerome Alexander Watson and family did not attend the meeting, but called to say hello to everyone.

Harold Houston Watson lives in West Des Moines, Iowa with his wife Jeanie. He has been with Unisys for 21 years. Jeanie works as a perfume consultant for Guerlain and Givenchy

Cathryn Renee Watson works for America West Airlines in Phoenix, Arizona

Timothy Houston Watson lives in Des Moines, Iowa with his wife of 5 years, Shannon. Tim works at Iowa Health Systems as a contract analyst.

The family of Roscoe Richard Watson was asked to report next.

Nobody from the Roscoe Watson family was present, however Richard Allan (Dick) sent a post card stating that he and his wife Patty were in Paris and that his brother James (Jim) was in Hong Kong watching the change over of British to Chinese Rule.

Constance (Connie) sent a letter stating that she and her family would not be able to attend the reunion this year. She sent along a suggestion that everyone write down a memory that they had of Aunt Pauline and Neita. These memories to be given to Aunt Pauline and Neita to do with as they wished.

The last family to report was the family of Pauline Jewell Watson Klaus.

Pauline reports that she is getting along well. She gave us the history of the Merten J. Klaus Park

John Merten Klaus gave up teaching at Cornel College in Mount Vernon, Iowa and has been working for Blockbuster Video for the past 2 years. He still makes his home in Mount Vernon.

David Armin Klaus lives in Washington, D. C. with his wife Dominique. They both work for the World Bank. Their daughter Kim is in school in Rhode Island in Art and Charlotte has graduated from the 7th grade.

New Business:

A discussion was held concerning whether or not to continue these reunions, if so, when and where should the next one be at? Carol suggested that similar to when her father was older, the reunions were held in North Dakota, they should now be held close to Charles City, Iowa for Aunt Pauline.

George moved to hold the next reunion in Charles City. This motion died for lack of a second. Additional discussion was held and John moved to have the next reunion in 1998 in Charles City, Iowa the last weekend in June. Carol seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Marvin requested that the date remain open until it was determined when his 50th class reunion at Plainfield, Iowa was scheduled. The President decreed that the date would be selected at a later time to accommodate Marvin's request.

Election of officers was the next agenda item.

A railroad came roaring through and Houston was re-elected President and Diane Weber as Secretary.

A round of applause was given to John Klaus for organizing the picnic lunch. A charge of $5.00 per person was levied for the lunch.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted

Diane Weber